New Life Opening

Same as my new life, a new blog comes.

Actually the reason why this blog is opened is because I can’t open and I don’t sure why.

Maybe the line not fast enough?

I’d finished edit this blog setting and customizing and even homepage of blogger can’t even done opened yet =/

So nevermind, I’ll just do my update here since it’s actually the same right? =P

This picture, taken by myself by my own phone.

There’s seaside, like what you see in picture, right in front of my campus, great isn’t it?
The breeze is very cool and nice. The sand is soft and mild.

See the building over there?
That’s one of the lecture building.

It takes only 5 to 10 minutes from hostel to lecture hall by walking!

So so thanks god, the lecturers here are nice and friendly.

Our Japanese class lecturer is really a Japanese, and he is dammit strict! In fact, he’s a nice man too xD

I”m here doing well so far and there’s once my schedule is so packed and those few days I didn’t even able to stay in my hostel to do anything I want. Those few days were like…….woke up, tidied and prepared myself well, went out then maybe whole day, even if I was back to hostel once or twice, also just fro bathing and tidied things needed, then went out again, then back at night, sleep. That’s all! I was tired until gonna fed up.

This is me, in the library, with specs on.

I’m falling in online shopping since I came here. There’s no much choice on attire, and skincare and makeup thingies here in Labuan. Ironically, super many choices in Kota Kinabalu, which takes 3hours by boat(plus cars). The only way to get the stuff I want is online shopping, but the shipping is killing me when I buy a big amount of stuff and most shop don’t provide free shipping to East Malaysia, so so so dammit….

Will post about my experience of the online shopping and I was surprised to found that there’re still people who don’t know about online shopping and never have an experience on it! I bet my post will be useful for them, and of course, not to forgot about tutorial post and review post. I feel so excited now about that’s new in my wardrobe to share with you all!

I turned into a fashionista here! I’m not sure why. I used to be not so into fashion instead of beauty stuff but I look on more to attire instead of beauty stuff and I became a shoes lover!!!!!!!! I’m so craze about shoes and even my friend said that I’m turning into a centipede already!

I went for a seafood at Mawilla with friends a few days before and met a toodler cat which is super cute and playful!

Here’s the picture of us before leaving!

The food was so nice and not really pricey.



We went to seaside before heading to seafood restaurant.

I study multimedia here, and now learning photoshop. I feel like playing when doing my home task mwahahaha xDDDD  Play pictures and editing them. 

One of the outcome of learning ps.

I got many things to be shared about but it’ll make this post bored if I put all in here, right?

Gonna stop here for another home task.



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