It’s been a long time since my last update. I feel like wanna just abandon my blogger site LOL. I was just so lazy to update the both site( =P ) which I actually wanna update a lot products review. No excuses. Just lazy. Between these days, there were kinda lot of things happened, the biggest change will be my relationship. No, I am not a mommy or mommy-to-be LOL. Yet, I am still in relationship. Story will be shared later on.

I was thinking about that, what title should I put for this post. I had no idea cause it seems like every words cannot really fit this post well. So, I put the date as title, as my diary.

I wondered, how long should the time be to heal a person from a broken relationship. Everyone needs different length of time. I can’t even ensure how long will my period be.

And, how long is the time should a person stay in being single after a broken relationship. Western and Eastern have different concept. For western, it doesn’t matter how long should it be. It seems like you can got dumped today and get a new boyfie/girlfie the next day. While in Eastern, people think that you shouldn’t get into a new relationship so fast cause it spoilt the image and make yourself a jerk/slut in others’ eyes.

Excuse me. The matter should be, how am I actually is, not how people think who I am. You can never satisfy everyone.

When I was in form 6, which is pre-university level, in Malaysia, I got a boyfie, just call him K, who was my schoolmate, and no longer soon after he got his offer from Matriculation college. It was a long distance relationship when we started. We’d been together just 6 months long, and fights and quarrels were much more than the happy time. I was just to care about him and to scare to lose him. For me, he was too close with his girl friends over there in his college life. I thought there should be a gap between a guy and other girls when he is in relationship. I felt so insecure, and over-sensitive towards everything regards him. It was so pain in me and until I even cried in class. It took me 3 months to got healed from the pain.

After 3 months, which is the time I took to heal myself, after breaking up with K, I dated V. After the relationship turned public in my facebook. K’s friend inbox me in facebook and complained about me for being too fast to get into a new relationship. Is it counted as fast to take 3 months before getting into a new relationship? Honestly, I don’t feel so. From my mind, you can get into a new relationship anytime when you are completely ready for it. K’s friend said that he was secretly admire a girl,who he failed when he confessed to her, for a year long already. Hey stupid, stop being silly, you’re not being so-called loyal, but silly and stupid okay? And you’re turning into moron when you came over to complaining me on the matter!

Well, back to my story, even there’re a lot fights between me and V, I loved him. That’s why I able to keep in with him for 2 years long. People who know everything among me and V will really give me a huge and great prize for being so great cause it is impossible for other girls who have just a little rational in mind, to stay in for so long. I felt I’m great too LOL. I guess my followers know who V is, yes, the one who appeared in my blogger site, and the one who I was crazily in love before. No longer NOW. We’re breaking up around 2 months ago. I was really painful and nearly broken down after breaking up with V.

I am in single state now, right? But why I said I’m in relationship?

After breaking up with V, I got to know my current boyfie, T. He is my uni-mate, same age, same horoscope. He is the one who was there when I was helpless and drown in the sea of pain. I healed very fast, because of him. And we both feel the same way, which is our personalities just fit each others’ so well, within those days of my way of healing. We fall into each other. It took me not even a month to heal myself from a broken 2-year-long-relationship. I was feeling WOW as well. All because there’s C be my side when I was feeling in hell. I love his height and it does fit mine, as what my ideal boyfie’s height is ( =P ). He is a sweet guy who really good in taking care of his girlfie.

So, you know, 6 months-3month-2 years-not even one month long-current, even the same person can never have the fixed time in his/her healing way. Then, why judge others’ way?

I never told about my blog to C, because it is very long time since my last post, yet I was once think of stop my blogging work. A few days before, I opened both my blogger blog and this site, and showed me. I was so surprised on that how he found my blogs as I said, I didn’t update for so long so it’s been months my blogs’ sites not appearing on my facebook wall. Later then after asking, he said that he got to know that I have blog through the information on my facebook, and keep scrolling down on  my timeline just to seek for my blog site LOL.

This semester is a harsh and busy semester, I quite Whatever Crew, and join the other now, who is less stressful and less shitty people. Will having performance and competition soon, which is 2 weeks to go and 1 weeks to go respectively. Some assignments to be rushed for and final exam is around the corner, everything is packed. DUH……

I am trying to turn into a fully lifestyle blogger which is more causal, but not a beauty blogger which I have to keep posting reviews to keep the viewing rate and gain followers. Somehow, it doesn’t mean I will stop posting beauty stuff, as lifestyle blogger share everything!


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