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So, I saw something on facebook just now and I decide to update a post, before preparing for class later.

So, as you see in the pictures above, such stupid issue still happen in every corner n earth, just, it’s more serious in Eastern, comparing to the Western, cause western ladies have guts and co-operative enough to fight for what they deserve. In Asian, there’re still a lot of nutty brains keep so-called ‘traditional’ inside.

These pictures remind me of something that happened on me last semester. My dance crew had family day at seaside, and when we’re back to hostel, a felo ( Uhm…I’m not sure how it spelled since everyone call them this way, they are….some sort like discipline guards in hostel ), seeing me and a few seniors wearing  pants, which the length around the knee(I remember that wore over-knee length, and deliberately stopped her car and called us just to comment on our dress code and gave us warning. SUCH AN IDIOT!!!

Can you imagine how hot Labuan is? Everyone knows it’s summer everyday in Malaysia! And, at least, we still took the limit and not wearing hot pants. Even my secondary school, which is a girl school, has the strictest discipline rule and guard in the town, set the dress codes which the length of bottom must at least at knee. Please be considerable. You can’t wear the same because of your religion, does not mean that our religion set the same rule.

I don’t think that felo can state the reason out on why we must wear it long-length. Some more, she’s the only felo who being so troublesome and picky.

Even female sexualize female, in Eastern, so what can we do? Somehow, I don’t think knee-length thingies have any to be sexualize, means, it’s really their problem who got their brains stuck, or maybe ate by zombies lol.



This is just a simple and random post which I wanna talk something right now but it is too late to get someone to chat with me.

Currently busying with my assignments and presentations and owhmyf*ckinggawd final exam is coming soon.

I found my boyfie super lovely.

First, he will answer my call, even it is very late at night and he is still asleep.

Second, he will try to get me everything I want.

Third, he can read my mind. Well, he got this skill when we’re newly date and IT’S SURPRISING when he knows what I am thinking. It means that he knows me totally.

Fourth, he will get angry when I don’t eat and sleep.

Fifth, he will get bring jacket automatically when we’re going to somewhere cold.

Sixth, he don’t like me being stared by others even if it’s his friends.

Seventh, he trusts me enough until allow me to let me dance to couple dance with other guy.

Eighth, I love his hug so I love hugging him. It makes me feel so safe, secure and calm. I just love his body size, suit me well enough. I found I will easily fall asleep in his arms. Too comfy.

Ninth, he will really bring me everywhere he goes. He will never left me in school while going somewhere else.








*There are still many many things I love about him that I unable to state out all or this will be a never-finish-writing post*


I accidentally found that, HE WILL STALK ME BLOG!!!

Owh my gosh!!!! I don’t know what to describe this feeling, anxious? exciting? happy? worry?

I just don’t know but it’s cute to find your boyfie will stay updated to everything regarding you, isn’t it?

Why I feel so surprised it’s because NEVER a boyfie of mine will stay updated to everything of me(I mean those ex-es), even already knowing I have blog. Some of them are just too lazy to care their girlfie, and this makes it looks like mission impossible to get a boyfie who have the characteristics like mine. He will stay accompanying me when I am having dance practice even he’s not dancing. He will just sit there alone, doing his own things while waiting me. It just like, I can get him into my eye sight anytime. I love this feeling.

Okay it’s already late and I’m going to sleep. Bet he will get annoyed when finding me still writing blog post at this time.


Finally putting his first face on my blog, not sure how will he react when he finds this out xD
Finally putting his first face on my blog, not sure how will he react when he finds this out xD