It’s actually no longer counted as RECENTLY, since it’s already been a loooooong time since my last proper updates.

The reason that I was not updating it because I was lazy, yes, lazy to think of the topic to talk about. Secondly, busy. In fact, not really busy, but it’s funny that whenever I felt like wanna wrtie something or share something, I got things to busy for. damn. Thirdly, I rarely have topic to be shared. It’s bored here in Labuan and I bet no a single readers wanna see me yawning and write boring and the same things everyday, or every week, or every month. I am not an active girls in college. I have no big budget for shopping spree. My selfie mood is seasonal. Yes. Seasonal. It’s like when I feel like wanna selfie, I take good pictures and when the season is over, no a single nice picture in 100 pictures.

So now I wanna share many things that and this post might be quite long.

So……I got bangssssss!!!

Which is better? Cap or beanie?


Comparing to when I still had no bangs, I look much younger haha!I cut it MYSELF around the end of last semester. Teehee. And even until now, I never got any hairstylist touched on my bangs. I TRIMMED MYSELF!

The real currently. Took this a few days before. I was not this thin before, but I fell sick two weeks before, got a terrible fever. Then it turned this =P

My latest shopping was buying two things only.

You know where I wanna focus on right? Yea! It’s Maybelline’s Fashion Brow 3D Brow & Nose Palette. I love this so much that I feel like I will keep this forever and ever and never touch it! I saw TheKellyYang using it, and she’s too into it and it makes me wanna get one too!

The another one is……

New pencil case!!! Even I am 22 already, I still feel excited when I got new stationary, like a little school girl. I remember that I got quite many pencil cases when I was still in primary school. I just couldn’t resist from good looking pencil cases! When my pouch that I used to keep my cosmetics broken, I got myself this one. It was initially planned to be the new makeup pouch, but then I decided to make it my new pencil case, and the pencil case I was using to be makeup pouch. My idea is so brilliant that the old pencil case is A4 in size and it fits ALLl my cosmetics in!


Okay. damn. I feel sad now.

I can’t retrieve my pictures from my instagram to wordpress!!!!!! Nevermind, you all can go to my instagram for a stalk haha.

I got into a Taobao haul this semester and I bought a lot things. Clothes, pants, bags, phone casing, water bottle etc. I got my boyfie new clothes too as he is not the type of people who will buy himself clothes, but will spend a lot for me. *touched

He got me one Elysyle night cream, one day Elysyle emulsion, two Elysyle eyebrow pencils and two Naris lipsticks as my birthday surprise present! FYI, he’s an Elken seller. I was really surprise when I found that the picked the correct colour for my eyebrow, and the color of the lipsticks he picked are soooooooo niceeeeeeee! He’s a really boy person(?). What I mean is, he’s the kind of person who doesn’t understand any single things of makeup and skincare, and even fashion. He really got no idea about those girls’ things. This kind of person, picked the color color and the super nice colors, and it really WOWs me!    What a brilliant me didn’t post the picture on fb but instagram only, so here’s the picture.

And this one!

Taken in M-Mall, last semester break, by my boyfie, and teaching him how to take good photo put me in anger…=.=”’ Btw, I like the huge bear seriously! I hope I can get it home and I can cuddle into in everynight when I sleep~
This is my boyfie’s dog, her name is LeLe(乐乐). She loves eating, LOVEEEEEE. She’s too cute that she made this expression when I asked her to smile xD Please ignore the fatty tummy behind.
Things to do when you find out your boyfie’s phone’s camera taking your pictures so beautiful. The top, the bag(I hope you can see it), and the bottle, are from Taobao. I love the top.


This knitted super big and super fluffy, long sweater, is from Taobao. I freaking love it! It’s super cheap, that the price just within RM40 including the postage, if I’m not mistaken.


My skincare changed a lot(?), I’m not sure, but I these few months soooooo into a brand called MAXI-PEEL. It’s a brand from Philipine, and it cannot be found in Peninsular. sad. It’s effective for scars and acnes, and whitening as well. I was not a whitening-product-loving person. I used to be fair, and I hardly go tanned. I never put myself into skin whitening things. I used to focus on hydrating, and oil control. Somehow, I feel like in love with which and dewy(or glowing?) skin recently. I love to see when my skin glowing with moisture, and it looks naturally. Maybe I will do a post about my current skincare and cosmetics? And I guess I will make a post about MAXI-PEEL as well, it’s guilty to not recommend it! And maybe post of my daily makeup? It actually got nothing to talk about, because I used to apply just sun care product and eyebrow product on recently, and then just go to class or hangout. I can’t just walk out of my dorm without my eyebrows on! Ehh? Maybe I can make a post about eyebrows? Just because my eyebrows don’t have ‘tail’, I can’t resist to eyebrows cosmetics like eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder etc. And yah! I gonna make a post about sun care. Actually, when people asked me about how I keep my skin fair, my answer is always protect my skin from UV. Real. As I said, I never got myself into whitening products before, but I applied sun care products. Same as eyebrows, I can’t go out without my sunscreen or sunblock on. And it’s worrying to see that many people can’t distinguish between sunblock and sunscreen, even the manufacturers themselves!

AHAHA….I coloured the keywords so I can know what should I done.

Lastly, I gonna end this post with this!

Me, in traditional attire, Cheongsam.


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