[ Bilingual 雙語 ] In2it Liquid Matte Lipstick Review | In2it 液態霧面唇膏分享

最近我真的荷包大出血 囧 Guardian 潔面和卸妝產品買一送一之餘,In2it還終於推出了液態!!!

I am really broke recently…. Guardian had a buy 1 free 1 sales, yet In2it finally launched their liquid lipstick!!!!!! When liquid lipstick was turning common and famous, I was always waiting fro In2it to launched theirs, and it was too long and kept me wondering why they’re not launching yet.

其實In2it這個牌子我一直覺得不錯,我就用過他們的眼線液和眼影,超級持久不暈染,然後目前最愛的眉筆也是他們家的🤗🤗🤗 好用還很便宜!所以就一直期待他們的液態唇膏🙈🙈🙈

I personally have a positive thought about In2it, I tried their liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow before, very long lasting and not smudging, and my current favorite eyebrow pencil is In2it’s too! Nice yet cheap! So I kept on waiting for their liquid lipstick.

They finally launched it!!!! And, I bought all the colors!!!!


There are only 5 colors so I won’t feel that guilty even if I bought all teehee


Firstly, let’s have a look at the swatches on my arm~~~


The colors are not the vivid and brilliant type, but more to the tone is dimmer that you can use it daily.


Before showing the color on lips, let’s see my original lip color.


The wrinkle on my lips is pretty shallow, the color is more to fair, easily feeling dry, and the shapes are not nice lol

#01 revel


revel is almost same with my own lips color, you can’t even notice it if you don’t have a close look. I will not suggest it to people who have darker skin tone.

#02 ritzy


The color is close to my lips’, just that the tone is pinkish, the complexion will look better after applying.

#03 ravish

這個就是比較鮮豔的粉色,滿復古的感覺😄 是最顯眼的一個顏色。

The color is more to vivid pink, has a retro sense, and is the most brilliant color among the five.

#04 regal


This is a purplish dark red color, with grayish tone, has a sense of punk and vampire. This is the darkest color.

#05 rogue


It’s maybe the lighting problem so the color is inaccurate in the pictures. It is true brick color when I see with my own eyes. Not brick red color, but real brick color!
這些唇膏的使用感和Revlon的Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor一模一樣! 飽和度,持妝度,粘膩感,暈染度和均勻度,都幾乎一樣!但是價格卻差很多🤔🤔🤔 你覺得Revlon那款唇膏本身有的優缺點,這個也都有。

The feeling using this is almost the same with Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors’! The saturation, the lasting power, the stickiness, the smudginess, the evenness, everything are almost the same! But the prices are totally different. What you feel on the Revlon’s liquid lipstick its own, is what you can perceive from this one too!


There’s another weak I feel about this is the brush tip.


The softness of the tip is pretty good, but as you can see, the tip is flat and straight. So it’s slightly hard to apply the lipstick fast yet pretty, especially on lower lip cause it doesn’t have a curve that can fit on the lips’ curve.

If you feel interested in the lipstick, can have a look and try out in Guardian or Watsons!