[ Bilingual 雙語] Best of 2016 2016好物


Actually, my friends suggest me to be a Youtuber, but I’m a quiescent beauty(?), so just forget it.


This post is to share with you all about the good products I’d use in 2016, or I found in 2016. Since I never have a fixed cosmetics or skincare products, finding a conclusion of that become pretty hard for me, and that’s why the products in The Best of 2016 will not be many.

1. 卡尼爾卸妝水 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 


The one on the right is actually the cleansing water, I put it into a pumping bottle for convenience in using. The left one is the one I bought recently during sales. The cleansing power is pretty, somehow, the reason I add it into Best of 2016 is when I found that it able to remove my Yadah mascare, which I feel that it is very long lasting and hard to be removed even using eyes & lips makeup remover, pretty fast and clean. This cleansing water is gentle for skin, simple ingredient, yet cheap in price!

2. Aiken 茶樹油 Aiken Tea Tree Oil


I actually used up a few bottles of this. It’s really small in size but it takes really long time to finish up. I usually use it when my skin is very oily, or on acnes. I use it as moisquitoes repellent sometimes. Tea tree oil has many finctions and I’m not going to state it all up here, so kindly google it yourself. The reason I make it one of the Best of 2016 is the smell. I don’t really like the smell of herbs’ oils or ointments, but I love the smell of tea tree oil. I’d tried to get other brands’, somehow this one has the strongest smell, the rests seem to have undergone special treatment or process to reduce or lighten the smell. This is so cheap and it’s only in Malaysia.

3. Cathy Doll AA氣墊粉餅 Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion


It states that it ables to control oil and giving matte finish. It doesn’t really control oil, the effect is not matte but velvet-matte to creamy look anyway. The reason I list it in, is because the good coverage, pretty long lasting, even it doesn’t control oil. The velvet-matte to creamy finish is not bad for me, the price is cheap, worth a try.

4. 花娜小姐三色遮瑕盤 Miss Hana Concealer Palette


This concealer is really fail in being a concealer. It’s moisturising but you can’t use it to conceal your eye area. It accumulates in whatever fine lines you have on you eye area, coverage is just moderate, and it’s not cheap. I felt like wasting my money after some times since I started using it. Somehow, I started to fall in love with this when I used it in another way. I actually use it as foundation. The texture is very smooth that you can blend it easily, the coverage is only moderate but it gives a natural look. And you can mix among the three colours to get the one fit your skin tone.  It really fail as concealer, but very good as a foundation.

5. Essence All About Matt 定妝蜜粉 Fixing Loose Powder

11g的份量卻在大約RM20,粉質細,定妝超強,控油超級好,你甚至可以一整天不需要補妝,擦上去是透明的,不會影響臉上彩妝的顏色。如果你因為油性皮膚而沒辦法用RCMA no color powder,那麽我推薦你用這個!我的這個快完了,然後essence架上一直沒有他的身影,在擔心他是不是停產了。如果這個停產的話,別擔心,同系列還有透明控油粉餅(粉餅顏色是白色)。

11g at around RM20, the powder is really fine and smooth, great in fixing makeup, super good oil control, you don’t even to do any touch up whole day, it’s transparent on skin, hence it doen’t effect any colors on you face. If you can’t use RCMA no color powder because of your oily skin, try this instead! I almost finish mine and I can’t see it on Essence counter since last year, so I’m really worry that it might be stopped producing already. If Essence really stop producing this powder, don’t worry, there’s compct powder in the same series which the powder is white in colour.

6. Yadah睫毛膏 Yadah High Lash Mascara


Yup, this is the Yadah mascara that I mentioned earlier. Super long lasting, curling ability is good, lengthening and voluming are both really good as well, price is cheap, won’t clump. The only bad about this is hard in removing, but it’s no longer a problem, so, I can say that it’s flawless.

7. 屈臣氏護髮蠟 Watsons Hair Treatment Wax 


I use three of them actually, just that tale turns among them or pick according my mood. Very moisturising, it really slows down split ends, and keep hair smooth and anti-frizz, ingredients are ok and does not contain silicon. Use it for some days and use conditioner instead for one day, you will know the difference. 500ml at RM15, there’re always promotion or discount in Watsons somemore. The only bad of it for me is that it’s not convenient to be carried around like trip or etc.

Here I end the post and I hope that it gives help for you all, and kindly tell me if you would like to recommend me any products!


[中英雙語 Chi-Eng Bilingual] Physiogel vs Cetaphil


A few years ago, I was trying to find out either Physiogel or Cetaphil is better, since I never tried both and don’t know the differences and which suitable me more. I google for the info so hard, I read so many reviews and even reading the discussion on forum, there’s no anyreal comparison  result. All I got are Cetaphil is bla bla bla, or Physiogel users telling how is Physiogel’s. So, I hope this comparison post able to help those who wanna get such cleanser to know the info about it!


This is my Physiogel cleanser, the one I bought is in small size. As many of you know, I have many different cleansers, to use for different skin condition, so, a small one is enough.


This Cetaphil cleanser is my mom’s. I actually bought a big size, but since I haven’t finish my Physiogel’s yet, so not opening it yet.


In ingredients, Cetaphil’s contain SLS( or SLES?), while Physiogel’s contain fragrance.


In the texture, as in the picture, Physiogel’s appear to be thicker than Cetaphil’s.


I used them on my face at the same time, the feeling and sensation is different from what they appear to be. Physiogel’s is actually lighter weight and the smell is very gentle, smell like baby powder. Cetaphil’s has no smell, but the feeling when rubbing or washing is thicker and more oilier and moisturising.


After washing, the Cetaphil’s side feels more moisturised, while the Physiogel’s side is more refreshing.


Conclusion: They have no big differences actually, both are gentle and simple in ingredients, the price range are the same too. Just that Physiogel’s contain fragrance, and the feeling after washing is more refreshing comparing to Cetaphil’s, while Cetaphil’s gives a higher level of moisture after using.


Personal Opinion: I love Cetaphil’s more, cause since I’m using this type of cleanser, for sure I’m seeking for high level of moisture, instead of concerning about the refreshing level. Besides, I don’t really like the feeling of the smell of fragrance throughout the washing until rinse off.

這篇pk就到這邊啦!希望多多少少有幫助到你們,尤其他的疑問可以留言哦😉 其實我在考慮要不要PK潤膚乳和潤膚霜🤔🤔🤔 可是我用過的是Physiogel的潤膚乳(lotion)和Cetaphil的潤膚霜(cream),要拿乳和霜來pk是有點牽強,但是有疑問的話可以留言哦😉😉😉

This comparison post ends here! I hope this post able to help you guys more or less, and please comment below if you have any question😉 I am thinking if wanna write about the comparison of the moisturiser or not🤔🤔🤔 Somehow, I only used Physiogel’s lotion and Cetaphil’s cream before, and comparing lotion with cream is quite unfair. If you hve any question about them, please comment below😉😉😉

Current Casual

Current Casual

Pink hoody
99 MYR – hm.com

J.W. Anderson wide-leg pants
3,025 MYR – matchesfashion.com

Jimmy Choo pointy toe flat
2,315 MYR – ssense.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors messenger bag
935 MYR – harrods.com

Comme des Garçons wallet
665 MYR – brownsfashion.com

Daniel Wellington white watch
875 MYR – yoox.com

Boohoo velvet choker
22 MYR – boohoo.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors tech accessory
270 MYR – farfetch.com

Kevyn Aucoin cheek bronzer
255 MYR – net-a-porter.com

MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow
140 MYR – bloomingdales.com

Too Faced Cosmetics liquid foundation
160 MYR – debenhams.com

Giorgio Armani lip makeup
150 MYR – harrods.com

Lancôme lancome mascara
135 MYR – harrods.com


在保養品和化妝品上,我雖然不是專家,可是我多少懂一些。然後看到在面書的各種廣告視頻,特想吐槽!要在那些po文視頻下面留言的話,真心不知道要po多少🙄🙄🙄 只好在這裡一次寫完,也能順勢的避免商家的厭煩。




這裡我指的是那些打美白霜潤白霜廣告的,這種美白霜不是美白型的保濕乳保濕霜,而是號稱自然無妝感堪比bb霜的瞬間美白霜,例如:cloud9的美白霜,peripera的牛奶美白霜。這兩家沒有標榜無需卸妝,而標榜的是另一個台灣牌子。請問,連只擦防曬霜都必須卸妝了,這種彩妝品類的憑什麼不需要?還號稱瞬間吸收無殘留🙄🙄🙄皮膚瞬間白了個色號然後說完全吸收了?所以那是皮膚漂白霜?有那麼好的東西明星藝人都不需要花大錢去打美白針了好嗎!能搞笑的事,用白色化妝棉擦帶膚色的bb霜,和擦掉白色的美白霜,然後說美白霜完全吸收了因為沒殘留在化妝棉上😑😑😑😑 嗯,我把墨汁塗臉上然後用黑色紙巾擦拭也是好棒棒墨汁完全被吸收了🙈🙈🙈 拜託拜託拜託,請不要用了真的輕信賣家說的無需卸妝😑😑😑










🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄請各位買產品仔細看成份,顏色能吸收?你看過玫瑰花水是紅色的嗎?你看過含茶精華的產品是青色的嗎?有顏色是添加了色素!有顏色是添加了色素!有顏色是添加了色素!化妝品有顏色我能明白,保養品有顏色我就理解不了了。洗面乳含色素我還可以稍稍包容,畢竟洗了臉就沖掉了,可是其他的我完全不能原諒也無法體諒!其他的我們都塗了就讓它留在臉上一整天了,甚至睡覺!你不會帶妝睡覺,那麼你為什麼能帶著和色素的東西睡覺?有些賣家會跟你說那是精華,會吸收。例如粉紅色潤膚乳用了皮膚會紅紅粉粉的。可是,色素會吸收?🤔🤔🤔那麼我用了那麼多腮紅眼線眼影粉底,為什麼皮膚沒變色?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 如果你能接受讓色素留在你臉上一整天,go on,我個人是接受不了。





到現在我能想到的只有這些,如果你還發現其他的狀況有疑問,請留言給我或著email我: eliocannie@yahoo.com 😉😉😉 



話說很久沒有聊生活大小事了  這個學期真的很多大事小事,之前都沒記下來,現在要從腦子裡翻出來有點吃力😅😅😅

這個學期因為第三年了,所以挺忙的,一開學就大小作業和測驗。然後,我跟朋友一組參加了校內才藝類的比賽,就 ****** GOT TALENT,而這次比賽出了大事。這裡簡略化,就是算錯分數了。當時我們拿第三,主辦單位重算後發現我們應該得第一+最佳人氣。於是主辦單位召回所有得獎者,解釋狀況然後要把獎換回來。原先的第一的硬是不同意,要求要至少主辦的主任(不確定中文怎麼說,就主辦一個活動必須要有帶領講師或是某高職位的職員)在場才算數。於是他們安排了一場不公開會議,讓主任來做最後判決。判決結果是我們第一+最佳人氣獎。原第一不服氣說要告主任,主辦單位和我,告我原因是他覺得我在fb的某篇文章在影射並侮辱他讓他覺得蒙羞。然後當天他去警局報案了,然後發在fb和主辦單位和各得獎代表的whatsapp組群裡po出來。我的隊長看到了立馬發給我看,我超想po出來給大家看的可是不可以😭😭😭😭😭 之後這件事就在confession專業鬧得沸沸揚揚,但是之後假期了就冷卻了。放假回來還是有人企圖在confession掀起這件事製造言論,這時很多人就反感了。事情進展時,我和主任還有主辦單位介沒收到律師信。






過後跟也來玩的朋友會合了,去吃燒烤❤️ 烤蝦子超好吃!

第二次是因為學姐的畢業典禮❤️ 這次去kk是跟朋友一起,男朋友沒辦法通行,無所謂,我很久沒跟女性朋友自己出門了🙊🙊🙊

我們還有逛Gaya Street

Dubuyo超好吃!!!Annyeong haseyo, welcome to Dubuyo!


我的裙子在淘寶買的,然後有拿去給裁縫修了裙衩和腰身。高跟鞋也是淘寶買的,質量不錯,特便宜。我的小心機在大腿鏈,也是淘回來的😁😁😁 耳環是h&m的。  還有,紅唇is❤️



前陣子在忙畢業作品的事,fyp(final year presentation,但我覺得我們的科系的叫final year project更適合)就需要找supervisor,連續見了好幾次(就三顧茅廬的概念,但是我們是每次去每次都有問題然後被拒絕),最後,就在大考的前一個星期裡,被接受了!🎉🎉🎉 不需要一邊準備考試一邊頭痛fyp~

最後,再幾天就回半島了🎊🎊🎊 雖然還有一科的考試要準備😓  
另外,有誰要買DHC潤唇膏嗎?之前籌備謝師宴剩下的貨,從日本買回來的,目前剩下右邊兩隻。現在低價清貨,要的請fb inbox我😉

空瓶記 Empties #1


這一季空瓶記是我這個學期裡用完的,空瓶存的有點多但是這篇還沒寫又不能丟掉 囧 所以這篇會有點長,請大家耐心看😊😊😊

BTW,#1 是第一篇的意思,我不會用年份月份來區別,因為畢竟東西都是囤著囤著的,天知道其中的第一瓶是幾時用完的


第一個要說的是這個, Elysyle essential系列的Pure Toning Lotion和Pure Emulsion。就是爽膚水和日用保濕霜,我也用過這個系列的夜用保濕霜。Elysyle是直銷品牌Elken旗下的品牌,我用的這個系列主打油水調理和鎮靜溫和,他還有其他系列是對抗初老和對抗老化的。以我混油皮的皮膚,這個洗臉真的好棒棒!這個之前我還沒看過舒緩鎮靜和控油可以擺在一起,兩個完全相反的東西但是這個真的做到!如果你也是混油皮,可以試試!


接下來我先說卸妝產品,圖裡的這兩款相信大家都知道。一定有人奇怪,明明Bifesta那瓶還滿滿為什麼會列入空瓶記?因為內容物不是Bifesta的啊😁😁😁 瓶子裡其實是Garnier的卸妝水,就右邊那瓶。因爲泵瓶比較方便,所以Bifesta用完之後就倒進去了。Bifesta一直以來評價很高,我用了也覺得不錯。直到我用了Garnier那款後,我就沒有再用bifesta的念頭了。兩款清潔力不相上下,清爽度也很好,都是標榜可卸全臉。可是,Bifesta的用了之後如果不小心舔到會有種苦苦的味道,Garnier的就不會。因為我平時如果早上有上課或是有出去,回來之後我就用化妝水卸妝然後就做東西然後到下午或是晚上洗澡時才洗臉,這樣喝水吃東西都會舔到然後就會有種好噁心的感覺,所以用Bifesta的卸妝水卸妝的話,我還必須用濕紙巾在擦拭一遍,把卸妝水擦乾淨。用Garnier的時候就沒有這種問題,不會苦苦的,而且以成分來看,Garnier的成份簡單多了。總之,Garnier勝!😁

這個也是大名鼎鼎的Bifesta眼唇卸妝液,還沒有完,打算扔了。你們可以看到,本來應該清澈的卸妝液變得濁濁的,我也不懂為什麼,開封時間沒超過三個月,離截止日期還有好長一段時間,所以…….. 但是這款清潔能力是不錯啦😉


英國保養連鎖品牌Boots,很多人應該都知道。這瓶是我在泰國買的,其實整個亞洲裡泰國是唯一還有Boots專門店的國家。當時我本來是要找卸妝乳,店員說這個可以卸妝,就買了。結果,卸妝分數 -100,可是保濕度+100!如果覺得cetaphil,physiogel不夠保濕,可以試試這個。買來的初期我不喜歡,很不喜歡,可是到後半期,這個簡直大愛😍

接下來是Tony Moly的洗臉霜和精華!兩款都是小支裝,我是在納閩一個彩妝師那裡買來的,說是TM在KK的專店要關了所以特價清出。這款精華可說是便宜版的神奇水,噴的話我覺得沒太多效果,濕敷就棒棒的,用了之後皮膚有變透亮😁洗臉霜呢,效果其實普通罷了,可是就是蠻愛的。兩款味道都不討喜,跟一般韓國產品都香香的不太一樣。清潔能力中等,溫和度不錯,保濕度也ok。我還有兩支在櫥裡囤著,沒後悔買多幾支就是了😉

這個,Cathy Doll的黃金抗皺精華。裡面有黃金,還標榜添加了蜂毒(是這麼稱呼嗎?🤔)。我也寫過文章,有興趣可以找找看~這款和另一系列在馬來西亞最近很夯。用後覺得,我似乎在浪費錢。和一般精華不一樣,這個是凝膠狀的,主打一步抗皺效果迅速。我用了是完全沒效,也可能我還20幾歲所以看不出效果。可是以一個抗老化產品來說,這個保濕力也挺雷人的😑 保濕力完全…….我還以為自己買了主打清爽的產品😒再次聲明我是混油皮。保濕的持續力也很差。簡而言之,別買。

但是這個我不得不稱讚!如果這個進馬來西亞了,請立馬買,不用想了!我用過NR的蘆薈膠,那款評價也是棒棒噠,但是有個缺點,就是會有黏膩感。之前我試了Guardian LipHop的蘆薈膠,很棒,吸收力好,不會黏膩,可是有個缺點,就是太稀了,另一個說法就是太水了。Cathy Doll這款添加蝸牛黏液的蘆薈膠就剛剛好,不會稀稀水水的,質地跟NR一樣,可是吸收力和使用感跟LipHop的一樣,好吸收不黏膩。大油皮我推薦用來當日夜霜用,因為我自己也這樣用過🙈大愛!

Neutrogena其實算是醫美品牌,這款是Hydro Boost系列裡新的一條產線,主打對抗老的Renewal線。如果你喜歡質地比較濃而保濕度好的化妝水,又覺得Hada Labo的黏膩,那麼可以試試這款。吸收度和保濕度都不錯,持續力跟Hada Labo的差不多,但卻沒有Hada Labo的黏膩感。跟Hada Labo的還有一個差別就是,HL的濕敷效果比塗抹好,這款塗抹跟濕敷沒差,所以這款不建議濕敷,敷了也白敷😂

這款玫瑰花水我覺得西馬應該不好找,但是這個真是性價比超標的東西!成份簡單,味道很香卻不含香精。拿來濕敷,拌面膜粉或是當化妝水或者噴霧都不錯,是一款多功能花水,我其實用掉好幾瓶了😂 150ml才RM10😍拿來天天濕敷都不心疼!但是別奢望用一次馬上有驚人效果,這是良心產品!總之,看到的話,請馬上入手!

這個只是我最近用完了的,我之前還用過其他的牌子的,但是瓶子沒留下來。我發現泰國的頭髮油都很好用。前陣子很剛的Yoko Hair Coat也是泰國產品。我去泰國時本來要找Yoko的,一直找不到,就隨便拿了。我其實拿了好幾瓶不同牌子的,但是要注意看到Hair Coat才是好用的!無論什麼牌子,只要是Hair Coat都棒棒噠👍不小心塗多了也不會油膩,泰國小7就有了,很便宜。去泰國不要錯過😉


Bohemian Witch

Bohemian Witch

Boho chic dress
1,580 MYR – 1stdibs.com

Wet Seal clothing
51 MYR – wetseal.com

Soludos black leather shoes
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